When we started interviewing people on ‘creativity and tattoos’ …

robertsson_smallWhen we started interviewing people on ‘creativity and tattoos’ we assumed a correlation: dare to be different.
However, for Stefan Robertsson, a very innovative and renowned Chef living in Stockholm Sweden, it’s more about lifestyle:

There is no direct correlation between my job as a chef and my tattoos. The only similarity would be that I am somewhat of a food rebel while cooking, and kind of feel the same when it comes to getting tattoos. Today tattoos are very common, but in Sweden, more than 20 years ago, not so much. As you see I have a lot of body-art; and I’m not done! I’m not designing my tattoos. I do however inspire and give lots of input to the motifs I want on my body. And of course trust my (very experienced) tattoo artist to come with ideas and suggestions.

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